Thursday and Friday found me getting the UHaul, putting on the Roll-or-Kari, and doing any number of odd jobs and tying up loose ends. Saturday morning was the day of reckoning, and time to meet the public for the first time.

My dear friend Marian Moore (that is for another post) has lived in Minneapolis for many years, and in that time she has become close friends with Louise Erdrich, the brilliant author who happens to also own an incredible bookstore right in the neighborhood where they both live. Louise graciously let us use the sidewalk in front of Birchbark Books for event number one. I edited a quick video that begins with Ralph Erdrich, the patriarch of the clan, the amazing Richard LaFortune, some random participants, including a toddler who clearly is destined for the bright lights, her mother who turned out to be quite a good pianist, Louise herself playing the end of Clair de Lune, and finally a young woman who arrived much later, with a few friends and someone’s mom, who said, “this is my daughters friend, and she plays the piano quite well”, which indeed she did.

For the sake of brevity I left out much, much more than I left in. I appreciate everyone who participated!


For those curious about the technical aspects, the sound you are hearing is simply the sound recorded by the camera. In addition I recorded all the performances with a nice stereo pair to a ZOOMH4n, and it is these files that will end up as the audio for the final outcome of the project.





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