We went to visit Annie Humphrey on Labor Day, recorded some music,  she and her family graciously shared a meal with us, and we stayed the night. Annie lives out in the country surrounded by horses, animals of all sorts, and her beautiful children and husband and it was an honor to meet them all.

Annie is a songwriter, and just put out a new CD early this year, entitled “Uncombed Hair.” I first got a contact to Annie through Keri Pickett, who is currently working on a video project with Annie’s cousin, Winona la Duke. Keri and I knew each other in NYC in the 80’s, when Keri was a photographer for the Village Voice. Small world indeed.

Finally, Annie is up for a NAMA (Native American Music Award) for artist of the year coming up next week.

Voting is open to the public, and you can check it out HERE.

This is a very quick edit, and there is more to come, including her daughter Geezis playing the piano as well. This video was the last thing I shot, Annie playing “Computer Blue” by Prince. If you think you miss Prince, who should come to Minnesota!






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