We have been driving so much and quickly making recordings that there hasn’t been anytime to edit or post. I will get a few little film clips us soon, but in the meantime some photos. After living Annie’s place we stopped for breakfast and then off to Hibbing (about that in another post). We were in Red Wing with some great kids, then at the All Saints Academy in St. Joseph with a middle school band, then down to Northfield to record Lori Williams in a cul de sac off the train tracks, then up to Duluth for the night, and then to Grand Marais to WTIP where we recorded in the radio studio thanks to Will Moore and two brilliant ladies who work at the station. Taking a little R and R up at Clearwater Lodge in the boundary waters. Here are some pictures.(Yes there is a picture of a rainbow-but I think it’s balanced out by the magnetic rock).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to everyone involved, I will name names once I start getting the videos up. But we have some classic stuff including Girl From Ipanema, something from “Frozen”, a bit of Für Elise, and much, much more.



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