Here are all the events in Minnesota for this week, and most of them are open to any and all participants. Hope to see pianists of all types!

21 PIANOS-Minnesota events Sept 13-18, 2016

Wednesday Sept 14th. St Joseph MN.  The Local Blend  4-6 p.m. (*)

 Thursday Sept. 15 Minneapolis, MN  Butter Bakery, 3- 6 p.m. (*)

Saturday Sept. 17th Minneapolis, MN  The Mill City Farmers Market  9-10 a.m. (*)


Fergus Falls, MN. 4pm – 5pm, Kirkbride Park (1400 N Union Ave). (*)

6pm – 7pm, The Spot Panini & Wine (111 West Lincoln Ave).  (*)

Sunday Sept. 18th Minneapolis MN Radio K 5 p.m. with George Cartwright and Josh Granowski .


The Black Dog  7-9 p.m. with George Cartwright, Davu Seru and Josh Granowski .

(*)Public interaction: Open to any and all pianists.





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