The unexpected benefits of a project like this is meeting new people and all the extra stories and things that happen that have nothing to do with one’s initial intentions. Jeff Engholm, a bass player, engineer, conductor, educator and owner of Local Blend, a coffee shop (and more) in St. Joseph let me bring the piano in his café. (See the previous blog post)

While we were waiting for the other participants, we got talking about the studio two doors down. Turns out its owned by the family of Bobby Vee, Jeff has worked there on and off, and I asked him if I could take a look. Bobby Vee, I came to find out, was supposed to open for Buddy Holley in Fargo, ND. But Buddy never made it, that story is legend, and Bobby headlined instead, and rocketed to teen idol fame and rock and roll history.

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Settling later in St. Joseph, his children still run an active recording studio to this day. Check out the bass room, some of these posters, and the autograph on that 7-inch.

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